Publications & Expertise

Mark Millspaugh, P.E., President:

  • Landfill Closure Costs, 1991, Dunn Corporation.
  • Utilizing Construction/Demolition Debris and Other Waste Materials for Landfill Closure Purposes, 1992, Dunn Corporation.
  • Controlling Landfill Closure Costs, 1995, Spectra Engineering, P.C.
  • A Proactive Municipal Response To Natural Gas Development


STERLING Litigation & Expert Testimony

STERLING Staff has testified with Expert Evaluation and Testimony in numerous state and federal cases.

STERLING President, Mark Millspaugh, has provided expert testimony and technical guidance relating to enforcement actions and litigation

  • Mr. Millspaugh conducted independent evaluations of the Barnes Landfill and provided a detailed deposition regarding the landfill closure costs, as well as professional opinion regarding the adequacy of the closure landfill (Industrial Recycling Services, Inc. vs. Ahneman Associates, P.C.).
  • Mr. Millspaugh provided technical support and professional opinion during depositions taken in connection with the New York State Department of Law search for the PRP’s associated with the FICA Landfill matter in Poughkeepsie (State of New York v. J&T Recycling, Inc., et. al.).
  • Mr. Millspaugh served as technical advisor to the Special Master concerning the Citizens’ Lawsuit regarding the Freshkills Landfill, Staten Island, New York. This effort included giving a formal deposition and professional opinion regarding the landfill operational and closure requirements of 6NYCRR 360 and assisting the Special Master during the deposition of other factual witnesses and technical experts (Joseph P. Woods, Staten Island Citizens For Clean Air, Inc., and Anthony Cantalupo, Plaintiffs, v. The City of New York, Edward I. Koch and Brendan Sexton, Defendants).
  • Mr. Millspaugh continues to serve as technical advisor to the Special Master concerning the Citizens’ Lawsuit regarding the Pelham Bay Landfill matter (New York Coastal Fishermans’ Assn' v. New York City Department of Sanitation, this capacity, Mr. Millspaugh has acted as the technical facilitator among the parties including New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYSDEP), NYS Department of Sanitation, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Mr. Millspaugh provided expert technical advice and evaluation to the plaintiff regarding the investigation and remediation of Rodman’s Neck, a target range operated by the New York City Police Department (Rodman’s Neck Remediation). In this capacity, Mr. Millspaugh advised Plaintiff's attorneys regarding technical and engineering matters.
  • While with the NYSDEC, Mr. Millspaugh was assigned to the Division of Environmental Enforcement, where he provided expert opinion, testimony and written affidavits on numerous inactive hazardous waste disposal site matters and active criminal enforcement matters.
  • Mr. Millspaugh served as an expert witness during an adjudicatory hearing concerning the William E. Dailey, Hoosick Mine Site concerning stormwater issues for a proposed limestone quarry.
  • Mr. Millspaugh served as an expert witness during an adjudicatory hearing concerning the proposed expansion of the Seneca Meadows Landfill, Waterloo, New York.

Project Highlights

Saratoga Biochar Solutions is proposing to construct and operate a facility that manufactures carbon fertilizer ("biochar") through drying and pyrolysis of biosolids and wood waste. The facility is proposed for the Moreau Industrial Park in Saratoga County, NY, and has received local approval and a Notice of Complete Application from the NYSDEC.

The Montgomery Project uses the proprietary "Taylor Energy Solution" as the foundational technology for a three-part, integrated system design that converts the organic biomass portion of mixed solid waste to electric power, through gasification.

Hughes Energy Group, LLC is is actively working to develop a facility in New York that delivers a world class organics recycling facility to upgrade waste management.


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